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Palacio Technology, Inc.
We are a software services company specializing in mobile communications, wireless security, and high-speed real-time data streaming over the wireless link.

We are a good fit for a company that needs a low-cost implementation of complex communication features:

  • modern WiFi security features (WPA/WPA2, CCX,  EAP-FAST, EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA) under Windows CE (Mobile) and Linux OS
  • Linux hardware driver development
  • NDIS drivers for wireless devices under Windows and Windows CE (WHQL certification experience)
  • MAC firmware for wireless communications (WiFi certification experience)
  • EAP supplicants with smart card interfaces and SoC card reader firmware (PCSC and EMV2000 certification experience)
  • RoHC implementation services


802.11 security software design services

802.11 MAC design services

802.11 driver design services
1700 N. First St. #209
San Jose
, CA 95112, USA
Phone: 408 569


 ABOUT US   |    PRODUCTS    |     SERVICES     |     TECHNOLOGIES     |     NEWS & EVENTS     |      CONTACT

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